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Your thesis or dissertation, with our expert help, will be presented at its best.
Our proofreading improves your chances of academic success by providing grammatical consistency and language clarity while observing the ethical guidelines around work intended for assessment.
The Proofect principle is simple: your writing should be evaluated on the quality of your ideas and understanding of the subject matter, without being obscured by imperfect English.
A professional proofreader will help eliminate that distraction, so your writing is judged purely on academic merit.
We have done that for authors across disciplines, cultures and language abilities.

Why choose Proofect?

All work is carried out by a professional or advanced professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) who has completed its Proofreading Theses and Dissertations training.
CIEP expertise and our budget-friendly value provide the perfect mix of pricing and professionalism.

Delighted student after proofreading by Proofect

Proofect ethics

Your work must remain your own.
Academic integrity is always our guiding priority, safeguarding you against breaking your institution’s proofreading rules and, potentially, jeopardising years of study.
We will not make any broad changes to the structure of your document, as this is a key part of your assessment.
We will proofread texts for spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage and consistency. Analysis of citations and references will identify any consistency issues.

Thank you so much for proofreading my work meticulously.​

P-R Kim
Theology thesis author

Wow! You’re a top-notch proofreader. As always, such a great job. Many thanks for the proofs, all very clear and absolutely spot on. Great job, much appreciated. All comments and corrections make absolute sense. Thank you very much for this speedy and careful work.​

Dr Tatiana Argounova-Low
University of Aberdeen

Thank you so, so much. My advisor is very happy with your proofreading and you have saved my life.

T Prombut
Science thesis author


The ethical approach outlined here helps keep the cost of our proofreading down.
We can’t provide fixed prices because of the breadth of project complexity, but prices start at £8 per 1,000 words and are capped at £18 per 1,000 words.
At Proofect we provide customised quotes, and consider factors such as:

  • Work required: a complex proofread can easily take four or more times longer to complete than a lighter proofread of the same length
  • Word count: we use this rather than a page count, which is imprecise
  • Specific requests: things you particularly want us to look out for
  • Number and complexity of extra elements, such as tables, figures, illustrations and boxed elements

Fixed prices would be unfair to you, because we would have to calculate them based on a high average level of complexity, so clients with simpler needs would pay more to subsidise those with more complex projects.
Through a bespoke quote, you will only pay for the work we actually do. We think that is fairer.
If you would like a price quote for a comprehensive check of your work, or to see what we could provide for a fixed budget, please email us at

Get in touch

Email: | Telephone: 07528 761051

Send your whole document, or a representative sample of at least 10 per cent of the total word count, to get a guideline price within 24 hours. We reserve the right to change prices if the final supplied document differs substantially from the sample. Please attach your words to an email and send to Treatment of all submissions complies with data protection regulations. 

You will receive an editorial agreement explaining Proofect’s obligations to you, payment terms and clarifying the deadline. Proofreading normally takes at least 10 working days, but deadlines can be shortened by agreement.

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