How much does it cost?

All documents are individually assessed, but prices start at £0.008p per word. See Proofect’s pricing page for a comprehensive costs breakdown.  

Needs vary greatly, and manuscripts from students with English as a second language are likely to require much more work. Whatever you need, typically our prices are half that of the likes of Scribendi, PaperTrue and Cambridge Proofreading, despite Proofect’s superior service.

Can I get a free sample?

Yes. To showcase the quality of work, Proofect will select up to two pages from your complete document and return the chosen section free of charge.

Are you better than grammar-checking software?

There is no substitute for a trained human eye. This article by a Proofect expert explains why you should never trust a grammar checker.

What type of document do you need?

A Microsoft Word document is best, or a PDF, but Proofect does not use LaTeX.

Do you offer referencing?

Using programs such as EndNote, Papers or Mendeley is preferable to avoid the ethical ‘grey area’ of working on references, which most universities view as part of the student’s work. Referencing is time-consuming, so costs extra.

Are you an expert in my subject?

Probably not, but Proofect has delighted customers in subjects from anthropology to zoology. Your language can be ‘proofected’ whatever your field.

Am I allowed to use a proofreader?

University rules on this can vary even within different departments of the same establishment. It is your responsibility to check what is allowed within your university. Proofect, though, has extensive experience of helping students stay within the rules while presenting their work at its best.

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