How quickly can you proofread my work?

To maintain our quality, we do not offer one or two-day project completions. Normally, we can return medium-length theses or dissertations within 10 working days. For specifics, it is best to contact us to discuss your needs.

Am I allowed to use a proofreader?

Rules on this can vary even within different departments of the same establishment. It is your responsibility to check what is allowed within your institution. Proofect, though, has extensive experience of helping students obey the rules while presenting their work at its best.

What type of document do you need?

We only work on Microsoft Word documents.

Are you familiar with US English?

We can work in US style. By default, we use UK English, so US style must be requested before work starts.

I want to go ahead; what happens next?

You can send us your whole thesis or dissertation, or a representative sample of at least 20 per cent. We will reply within 24 hours with a price per 1,000 words.

How do I pay you?

Through a simple bank transfer to a UK account.

Are you an expert in my subject?

Probably not, but Proofect has delighted customers in subjects from anthropology to zoology. Maintaining your academic integrity means we do not need expertise in your subject; our focus is on correct, clear and consistent use of language, where we are experts.

Email:  Telephone: 07528 761051